About Us

We For Visuals

In the year 2013, the founders of We For Visuals established the organization in Trivandrum realizing that lot of projects never bloom due to not having the required technical support.
We For Visuals formed after the project ‘Oru Short Film’ which halted due to the lack of technically crew.
‘Oru Short Film’ was never released, but today,  We For Visuals has released over 40 successful short movies, won several awards, accolades, and recognition in international arenas.
We now works on film projects following the numerous films to which we had been a part of.
We For Visuals throbs in the capital city today as a fully functional film production house offering you its services for Video Producion,Photography,Music Production,Ads,Branding…

Our Services

Film Making
Short Film Making
Music Video
Fashion Shoot
Baby Shoot

Looking for a Team?

We for Visuals provides both Pre-Production & Post-Production for the clients.