Hortus Malabaricus (2019)

‘Hortus Malabaricus‘ (Garden of Malabar), Directed by Dr. Sajin Philip and produced by AVS TCS premiered at International Ayurveda Congress in Netherlands, in 2018.,was our first Documentary movie we have worked for.
The Hortus Malabaricus comprises 12 volumes of about 200 pages each, with 794 copperplate engravings and the first of the 12 volumes of the book was published in 1678, and the last in 1693 in Amsterdam.
Our documentary journey through the book, ‘Hortus Malabaricus’ in 50 minutes.
The Documentary was shot in Trivandrum, Cochin, Alleppey, Bengaluru & Amsterdam.
Hortus Malabaricus unraveled the astonishing science and magic of the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda to the world.

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